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Step Through e-Bikes

At E-GO Electric Bikes, we have a range of step through bicycles for sale that give you the convenience of an easy entry and exit. At one time these models were considered to be a “womens bike”, however in these non-gender specific times, these electric bikes are perfect for all adults, and the benefits of the styling are seen to outweigh any stigma attached to being a girl’s style.

Our step through e-Bikes for sale make it easier to hop on and off, which can be an advantage in slow moving traffic or if you’re making frequent stops. They also tend to have a more upright riding position which can make it easier on your back.

Another benefit of these types of bikes relates to their fashion! There is less risk of stretching or ripping your clothes on this style of bike. This can be an important factor to consider if you regularly commute to work by cycling for example, and you’re expected to arrive presentable for an important meeting.

Needless to say, a step through bike design requires less mobility to raise your leg over the frame. It can therefore be more appealing to our senior citizens or anyone challenged by mobility issues. These types of bikes aren’t equipped with a cross bar, and therefore offer an easier mode of saddling up.

The types of step through bikes we stock are varied and are prominent in Dutch or Beach cruiser styles. We have the cruiser style bikes (Urban and City), as well as a foldable step through model which can be packed away in the boot of your car.

Browse our range below buy one of our affordable electric bikes from our shop online. For more information about our other products and accessories on offer at E-GO Electric Bikes, contact us today.