Warranty - E-GO Electric Bikes

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The warranty for electric bikes is for 12 months or  5,000 kms whichever comes first. Electric scooters carry a 90 day or 500kms whichever comes first warranty.

The warranty covers faults of manufacture on all components including batteries.

Warranty exclusions are as follows;

    Wear and tear items such as brakes, tyres, tubes, spokes and adjustments and bolt tightening ( These should be attended to by regular servicing via a bicycle mechanic).

    Damage due to rust or corrosion.

    The use of the bike for a commercial purpose including hire will void the warranty.

    Modifications to the electric bicycle including it's components will void the warranty

    Batteries lose capacity over time. This is not covered under warranty. If the battery is not kept regularly charged or if the seal is broken then this will not be covered.

    Minor scratches or paint blemishes are not covered by warranty.

    If the bike does not reach estimated distance travelled or speed then this is not a warrantable item. Such distances and speeds are averages and can be affected by various factors including weight of rider and terrain travelled over etc.


    Importantly our warranty is on a return to our workshop basis. Any cost associated with sending and returning the electric bike or component is at the customers expense. 

    Product must be registered on our website to validate the warranty.