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Beginners guide to electric bikes

Beginners guide to electric bikes

Beginners guide to Electric Bikes

 Feel like a slave to your daily commute?

 Or maybe you are looking to reduce your carbon footprint?

 It’s no wonder that electric bikes are the fastest growing sector of the bicycling industry.

 To assist you in starting your journey we have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about electric bikes and included them below:

 How much does an e bike/electric bike cost?

 At E-Go we pride ourselves on providing quality electric bikes at an affordable price. Our bikes range in price from $995 - $3,500 with them having  Samsung Lithium batteries and Shimano gear systems.

 What is the ongoing cost associated with maintaining your e bike?

 An e-bike is one of the cheapest modes of transport available and with a little ongoing care and maintenance  they can last you a very long time. On average each charge of the battery is 10-15 cents, the bike will also need an annual service (similar to how a regular bike is serviced). Finally the battery will need to be replaced after approximately 300-500 charge cycles.

What are the different types of e bikes available?

 At E-Go we have three main types of e bikes.

  • Foldable - This is perfect for people who need to pack away their bike regularly e.g. to take away on a holiday
  • Commuter - These bikes look very much like a regular bike with the battery discreetly placed on the frame
  • Step through - As the name suggests this bike makes mounting and dismounting far easier than a traditional bike.

 What is the benefit of using an e bike over a regular bike?

An e bike has all the benefits of a regular bike with the added feature of pedal assist. Pedal assist provides electrical assistance to the rider when needed. e.g.when riding up a hill.

How long will an e bike last?

With proper care and maintenance an e bike can last for a lifetime. The main item needing to be replaced is the battery, however if looked after correctly can last up to 300-500 charge cycles. The length of a charge cycle is extremely dependent on a number of variables such as on terrain, speed and use. For this reason it is very difficult to determine the overall lifespan of a battery. Having said this as a general guide an e bike battery can last from 2-3 years before losing efficiency. Similar to a regular bike an e bike will need to be routinely serviced to optimise its life span.


Have further questions regarding E-Bikes?


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