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Electric Bikes and the Environment

Electric Bikes and the Environment

So, you have successfully swapped to reusable shopping bags and your Keepcup is a staple in your coffee routine; but then you start to ask yourself, what's next?


As a budding eco warrior it is easy to become overwhelmed with all the ways we are damaging our environment, thankfully your electric bike is not one of them.


Here are a few facts about why you can sleep easy when choosing to use an electric bike:


  • Electric bikes are a zero emission vehicle

Zero emission means a vehicle that doesn’t produce or emit any waste into the environment. Whilst cars burn fuel everytime you drive them, electric bikes are powered by their lithium battery (or the rider) which doesn’t emit gases into the atmosphere. Looking to reduce your footprint even more? Consider using a renewable energy source to charge your battery such as solar, wind or hydropower. There are even some portable solar generators available in the market!


  • Less noise pollution

Noise pollution you say? Whilst it may be something you don’t think of often, noise pollution from traffic is the most common source of noise discomfort for Australians1. Excessive noise can result in higher levels of stress, sleep disturbances and hearing loss. The good news? Electric bikes create low levels of noise which is generally not discernable over everyday background noises.


  • Less congestion on roads

If more people were to use an electric bike for their daily commute, traffic congestion would decrease dramatically. Bikes take up much less space than cars and using them more would mean less demand to expand our roads which in turn is better for our environment.


So what happens when you are ready to upgrade your electric bike? Remember to recycle responsibility; whilst you are ready to move on from the bike, it could be a new treasure for someone else. If the bike cannot be recycled make sure you dispose of each part of the bike thoughtfully and get in contact with your local council to see exactly what your options are.



“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it”

            - Robert Swann -




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