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Commonly asked questions about Electric Bikes

Commonly asked questions about Electric Bikes

E-biking is a relatively new concept and with the recent surge in popularity we thought it timely to answer some of the most commonly asked questions about Electric Bikes.

Is it even exercising when riding an Electric Bike?

Definitely! The main benefit of an Electric Bike is you get to choose how difficult or easy a ride is. 

Don’t want to get sweaty on the way to work? Coast along with pedal assist as your friend!

Want to max your heart rate? Turn off pedal assist and find the steepest hill you can find!

Bitten off more than you can chew on a weekend ride? Engage pedal assist so you don’t pay for this ride for the rest of the weekend.

How do you ride an Electric Bike?

Electric Bikes contain all the same basic hardware as a conventional bike (gears, pedals, brakes) with a few add ons. So riding an Electric Bike is almost the same as riding a conventional bike with a few special features. At E-Go we offer test rides on all our bikes so you feel comfortable before heading home with your new E-Bike.

Do Electric Bikes charge as you ride?

Whilst a great concept, unfortunately not. At our Electric Bike shop all our bikes contain lithium batteries that need to be routinely charged. Batteries are charged using a power cable plugged into a standard powerpoint.

Do you have to pedal an electric bike?

Yes and no. Some of our bikes contain a throttle that does not require pedalling, however given they are restricted to 6kmph people will generally still pedal whilst using the throttle. As the name suggests pedal assist requires constant pedalling for it to be activated. In all honesty isn’t pedalling the best part of riding a bike?

Do I need to register my Electric Bike?

Electric bikes do not need to be registered like a car, however we do strongly recommend you register your Electric Bike with Bikelinc ( Bikelinc is a Crime Stoppers initiative that stores your bikes details and in the unfortunate event your bike is stolen it can be returned to you.

How much do Electric Bikes cost?

At E-Go Electric Bikes our bikes range in price from $995 for a folding Electric Bike to $2,995 for a mid drive motor e-bike.

Have further questions regarding Electric Bikes Perth?

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch or pop into our electric bike shop and we will be more than happy to answer your questions. We also have a great range of accessories such as tubes, puncture repair kits and even electric bike kits!