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Electric Bikes and Security

Electric Bikes and Security

 “Security is always excessive until it's not enough” - Robbie Sinclair

Picture this scenario.

You have your sights set on an epic electric mountain bike. 

After saving up for months you finally purchase it, only to have it stolen one month later.

Not ideal, right?

Unfortunately this is a story we hear far too often in our electric bike shop. To avoid this happening to anyone else we have compiled the below tips to keep your e-bike as safe as possible.

     1. Always leave your e-bike secured in an open / visible area 

Thieves won’t be as confident to steal if they believe they are being watched. If you plan on leaving your e-bike for an extended period of time look to see if there are any bike storage facilities around e.g Transperth bike storage

     2. Lock your e-bike

No matter how long you intend to be away from your e-bike always use a lock. When locking your e-bike ensure both the frame and at least the rear wheel is locked, preferably both wheels. Many people also choose to use multiple types of locks as an added deterrent (thieves will be looking for the easiest target). Whilst the initial investment can be more than expected, locks will always be cheaper than replacing a stolen electric bike.

     3. Remove items that cannot be secured

Items that are not fixed to the e-bike such as drink bottles, pump or lights. Whilst batteries can be locked to the frame it is also worth removing them if you intend on leaving the e-bike for a longer period. This will also assist in the e-bike blending in and looking less like an electric bike.

     4. Register your e-bike with Bikelinc (https://bikelinc.com.au)

Bikelinc is a Crime Stoppers WA initiative that works as an online registry for bikes. This means in the event that your electric bike is stolen they can return it back to you. 

Have further questions regarding electric bikes Perth?

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch or pop into our electric bike shop and we will be more than happy to answer your questions. We also have a great range of locks to choose from!