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E-Bikes + The Law

E-Bikes + The Law

Primarily this blog is about the law pertaining to E-Bikes in Western Australia although most states have similar laws.

E-Bikes are Power Assisted Pedal Cycles (PAPC) that are designed to be propelled the same as a normal bicycle but with an auxiliary electric motor attached to assist the rider when required.

There are 2 sorts of E-Bikes

  1. Power assisted bicycles with a maximum power output no greater than 200watts measured at the wheel. There is little additional legislation governing the use of these e-bikes.
  2. Power assisted bicycles with a continuous power output not exceeding 250 watts. These are also known as a “Pedalec”. These cycles have to comply with the requirements of European standard EN15194 governing Electrically Power Assisted Cycles (EPAC).

The requirements for EN15194 Pedalec’s are

  • The rider must have to pedal to activate the motor when travelling at speeds greater than 6km / hour.
  • The motor must cut off upon reaching 25 km/hour or when pedalling stops.
  • The maximum continuous power output is not to exceed 250 watts. The motor can produce greater power for a very short period of time such as pulling away from traffic lights.
  • The motor must be electric.

This is a general guide and should not be taken as conclusive. Reference should be made to the Department of Transport website for further information www.transport.wa.gov.au