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Maintain your E-bike like a pro

Maintain your E-bike like a pro

It’s so easy to get caught up in all those promises you make yourself when you buy something new. Promises to take care of it, to clean it and to generally keep it as it was on the day you bought it. It's not always easy to do, so here are a few ways to maintain that “new bike feel” with your electric bike:

  • Get your bike regularly serviced: Don’t be fooled - just because your bike is electric doesn’t mean you can get away without a regular service. Like a conventional bike an e-bike contains the same working parts with the added bonus of an electric motor. Book your bike in annually for a service to ensure it runs at optimal capacity.

  • Avoid extreme temperatures: Lithium Batteries love to be kept cool. For that reason any time you  are not using your bike try to store it undercover and don’t leave it out in the sun. This will lessen the life of the battery.

  • Maintain battery charge: It is not advised to fully deplete your battery as this can lessen the lifespan. As a general guide try to keep the battery charge between 50-100%, however the occasional full discharge on a long ride is no problem.

  • Check your tyres: Probably one of the most overlooked areas of bike maintenance is the tyres. Every tyre has an ideal pressure and it is best to keep it as close to this as possible. If you have the pressure too high or too low you run the risk of punctures, damaged rims and early loss of tread.

  • Clean your bike: Whilst this point may not necessarily extend the life of your bike you just can’t beat the feeling of a well maintained bike. My Grandfather always said a clean car drives like a new car and I extend this principle to bikes.