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Riding your E-Bike on the road

Riding your E-Bike on the road

The shared paths in and around Perth are getting better each year, however there are still those times you may need to ride your E-Bike on the road.

A bicycle is considered a legal vehicle so when you ride on the road you must abide by all the standard road rules. With assistance from the Department of Transport we have compiled the below list of rules that apply solely to cyclists on the road:  

  • Have at least one hand on the handlebars whilst riding
  • Wear an approved helmet
  • Leave more than two metres distance when riding behind a vehicle
  • Do not hold onto or be towed by another moving vehicle
  • Do not ride a bicycle on the freeway or any other road that prohibits riding
  • Do not be more than two bicycles abreast on the road.
  • Use the left lane of a roundabout when turning right and give way to all exiting


If the above list seems a little daunting; don’t be put off. We all have had to start our journey right at the beginning and in our view it's definitely worth it!