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Health benefits of Electric Bikes

Health benefits of Electric Bikes

“Not all those who wander are lost - J.R.R. Tolkien”


Here at E-Go we don’t need anymore excuses to get on our E-Bikes, however since learning the below health benefits you might not see us in the shop anymore!


Vitamin D

Vitamin D plays an essential role in bone health and with over 30% of Australian adults having some form of deficiency(1) it’s something we shouldn’t ignore.  Around 10 minutes in the sunshine everyday is enough for most people to keep their levels in check(1).



A common misconception with Electric Bikes is that they provide no form of exercise. A recent study in Switzerland(2) comparing E-Bike riders to conventional bike riders debunked this theory. The pedal assist on the E-Bikes enabled the E-Bikers to ride faster and increase their daily elevation in comparison to the conventional bike riders.



With Electric Bike use on the rise in Australia, so to is the rise of Electric Bike clubs or groups. Our experience here at E-Go is when we have been a part of a club we feel a better sense of belonging and feel a more integral part of our community.


Wellbeing & Mental health

Another recent study found that Electric Bikes can help to improve cognitive function & mental health in older adults(3). Electric bikes also outperformed conventional bikes as users felt more confident due to the added assistance. This resulted in them using their E-Bike more often.


Happy riding!