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Electric Bike’s and injury rehabilitation

Electric Bike’s and injury rehabilitation


This is Brooke’s story.


After a long standing knee injury refused to improve, I underwent lateral release surgery in July 2020.

Whilst vital for success, the standard rehab exercises including the stationary bike can become a little dull so someone suggested why not look at an electric bike?

I have always loved riding outdoors, however I wasn't quite at the stage of my rehabilitation that I could manage much more than flat pathways.

After trying an electric bike, I haven't looked back. Initially, I used the pedal assistance a lot as I needed to gain confidence and strength in my knee, however these days I find I am using the assistance less and less. I still use a high level of pedal assist on a hill, however I'm not sure how much longer I can put that down to rehab, more just pleasure!

I have been surprised how much of an impact the electric bike has had for my recovery, a few of the main benefits being:


  • It made rehab fun!
  • Increased confidence in my knee
  • Quicker advancement in my recovery



Rehabilitation can get a little dull, so if you are looking to spice things up or step up your recovery I recommend checking out an electric bike - I haven’t looked back!