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Why Electric Scooters are a solution to Urban Transport

Why Electric Scooters are a solution to Urban Transport

Electric scooters have evolved from a trend amongst teens to one of the fastest-growing transport methods in the past few years. The pandemic has been an accelerator for this growth as more and more people look for alternatives to public transport. Electric scooter transportation provides not only a benefit at the consumer level, it is also a solution to various transport challenges. 

Three of the more common benefits are as follows:

1 - First and last kilometre solution

Most people use electric scooters as they offer a convenient door-to-door solution. For commuters, this means avoiding the dreaded walk home from the bus stop or train station. Electric scooters are the perfect solution to the first and last km problem as most public transport only covers a majority of the trip.

2 - Space saving

With cities around the world becoming more and more built up; additional space is hugely sought after.electric bikes and electric scooters are a great alternative to cars as they use hardly any space at all. The folding feature on electric scooters and some electric bikes makes them perfect for inner city living and even for people using them on their daily commute.

3 - Reduced air pollution

Air pollution is something everyone needs to be conscious of and the introduction of electric scooters and electric bikes is a step in the right direction. If more people and cities turn to greener transport alternatives, carbon emissions can be reduced significantly. According to the Australian Climate Council, transport is Australia’s third largest source of greenhouse gas emissions, with the highest rate of growth.

The electric scooter industry is in its early days, however given the benefits listed above they are expected to be here for the long term.